Police arrest 8 alleged robbers including 2 ladies


KARACHI: Local police claimed to have arrested an alleged gang of street criminals, including two women and security guards, involved in heinous crimes such as snatching money from people outside banks.

Central Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Dr Rizwan, while addressing a press conference, said that a gang of criminals, including security guards, Bilal, son of Muhamad Waheed, Talha, son of Iqbal, Raghub, son of Shams Din, Sajid Ali, son of Iftikhar Ali, Siraj, son of Riazar Hussain, Fatim Ali, son of Waseem and two women Sheza, daughter of Waseem and Ayesha, daughter of Sabir were arrested by F B Industrial Area police over their involvement in robberies and other heinous crimes.

The SSP told the media that the accused had confessed their involvement in more than 50 crimes. He said that five pistols and four motorcycles were recovered from their possession.

Both ladies used to assist accused Bilal and Talha in mugging.

Cases were registered against them and further interrogation was under way.