Balochistan Assembly passes resolution condemning Kunduz attack


QUETTA: Balochistan Assembly on Tuesday strongly condemned the incident of military airstrike at a Madrassa in Kunduz area of Afghanistan last week and passed unanimously condemning resolution demanding the United Nations (UN) to take action in this regard.

The Assembly session was chaired by Speaker Raheela Hameed Khan Durrani. Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam- F member Shahida Raouf presented the joint resolution which strongly condemned the American military airstrikes bombing on a religious Madrassa in Kunduz area of Afghanistan.

He said several innocent children had lost their lives in the military airstrikes when they were presenting turbans (Dastarnbandi) during a ceremony in the Madrassa.

Provincial Home Minister Mir Sarfraz Bugti said that unfortunately Afghanistan military also was involved in the incident and urged the international human rights organisations to take notice of the incident.

Provincial Ministers Ali Ahmed, Mir Asim Kurd Gellu, Agha Raza, and Members Provincial Assembly Zamark Khan Achakzai, Shahida Raouf, Liaqat Agha, Abdul Reheem Ziaratwal and Dr, Hamid Khan Achakzai also supported the resolution while urging the UN should play its role to take action against perpetrators of such incidents so that they could be avoided in future.

Later, Speaker Raheela Hameed Khan Durrani presented the joint condemning resolution which was approved by the house.

Meanwhile, Standing Committee for Planning and Development Chairman Aslam Baloch tabled a Balochistan Public Private Partnership Bill legislation 2018 which was approved in the session.

The session was adjourned till April 13 by Speaker Raheela Hameed.