IHC moved to disqualify Dr Darweish as IIUI head


ISLAMABAD: The appointment of Dr Ahmed Yousaf Al Darweish as a president of the International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI) has been challenged on the charges of illegal appointment, nepotism, corruption and misuse of powers, seeking his disqualification to hold and continue the office of the head of the university forthwith.

Through a petition filed in the Islamabad High Court (IHC), the appointment of the IIUI president has been challenged in which the petitioner leveled serious allegations against him of illegal appointment, nepotism, corruption and misuse of powers. The petition states that Dr Darweish has spoiled overall culture of the institute during his six years tenure, which is illegal as the Board of Trustees can appoint a president for a term not exceeding four years.

Misusing his powers and influence, Dr Darweish got BS International Relations (IR) degree for his son in violation of all set rules and regulations, whereas his son barely visited Pakistan during his degree. Sajjad Ahmed Shah, a petitioner in his petition filed through his counsel Khawar Bukhari, prayed that Dr Darweish can communicate in Arabic only; hence he has appointed a number of interpreters and these interpreters are running university affairs as per their own whims and wishes.

The petition stated that by no stretch of imagination, was an international academician, and does not demonstrate even average level research track record and he does not understand any international languages except his mother language – the Arabic.

The petitioner pleaded that Dr Darweish did not fulfill the minimum 15 years of teaching and research experience, minimum 15 research publications in HEC-recognised journals of research, and PhD from any HEC-recognised national or international institution, which is the minimum criteria for the appointment of a professor by HEC.

Dr Darweish constructed a building (commonly known as Khaima) at IRD Guest House, which is the government and the university land. No permission or approval was obtained from the Board of Governors of the university for this purpose.

“The contract of this construction was given to a contractor without following the government rules, sources of financing for its construction is also unknown, and finances received for its construction were never put on IIUI’s Finance Department record, making the whole process dubious and criminal in nature,” he pleaded.

He is living a luxurious life at the Khaima for the last many years without surrendering his house rent, making it difficult for the university teachers and employees to use the guesthouse for social purposes due to heavily deployed security there.

The petitioner stated that during his regime, a stall of Israel was organised in the university and the conflict of Gulf region also translated in IIUI, where a traditional Qatri Iftar dinner for the needy students was called off in 2017, besides making a number of illegal appointments.

Dr Darweish also pardoned off the officials with financial embezzlement and the inquiry committees, during his time, used the tactics to linger on the matters and influential ones were never penalised. The petitioner prayed to disqualify Dr Darweish to hold and continue the office of the president, and a competitive process be initiated for the induction of new head.

Notices were issued to the presidential secretary, HEC chairman, IIUI rector and Dr Darweish for reply within two weeks. The meeting of the Board of Trustees is scheduled for April 12 in the President’s House for the appointment of the new president, as the IIUI rector has to present the names of the potential candidates for the slot.