West Indies cricket team tweets in support of Pakistan’s Kashmir stance


BRIDGETOWN/PORT OF SPAIN – A day after returning home after playing the T20I series in Karachi this week, West Indian cricket stars that played in the series tweeted in support of Pakistan’s Kashmir stance as the war of words heated up between Indo-Pak cricketers on the subject.

“Kashmir Pakistan ki sheh-rag hai #PakvsWI #CricketComesHomes #KashmirBanaygaPakistan” tweeted Rayad Emrit, the West Indian fast bowler who had played last year’s Pakistan Super League final in Lahore as well, early on Thursday night.

“Shame on you ENDIA! Get out ENDIA! #PakvsWI #CricketComesHomes #KashmirBanaygaPakistan,” tweeted Windies captain for the tour Dave Mohammed, in reply to an Indian cricketer’s tweet.

However, the Windies players that are participating in the Indian Premier League, differed.

“Kashmir Bharat ka atoot ang hai #YeahBaby #IPL11 #KXIP,” tweeted Chris Gayle.

Meanwhile, sources within the United Nations have confirmed that the Twitter brawl that erupted between Indo-Pak cricketers this week was delegated by the UN Security Council, and included Shahid Afridi, Ahmad Shehzad, Gautam Gambhir, Virat Kohli, Suresh Raina, Mohammad Kaif and others.

These cricketers were asked to find a resolution for the Kashmir issue in the window between the end of the Pakistan Super League and the start of the Indian Premier League.

However, a UN fact finding mission noted that the Kashmir issue wasn’t any closer to its solution, despite the tweets of some of the leading cricketing stars in the region.


  1. Another fake news by pakistani media

    Just searched cricketer name in twitter and looked all tweets in this year, still did not saw any anti-India msgs.

    Grow up pakistan!!!
    India is planning to go to mars and you want to cross border!!!

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