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Pak, US to mend fences after bumpy ride: report

In a bid to dissipate tensions with Pakistan, the United States (US) has decided to mend bridges with its ally and restore diplomatic ties between the two countries, reported a local publication late Thursday.

Washington, after realising that tense relations with Islamabad were hurting bilateral ties, initiated contact with Pakistani officials to find a way out of the mutual distrust shared by both countries for each other.

The Pakistani authorities have been informed by US President Trump’s diplomatic channels that the former wished to continue talks to help neutralise tensions between the two countries.

According to sources, the US had shown interest in addressing the reservations of the Pakistani government by initiating the process of dialogue. They said that relations between the two countries would most likely head towards improvement.

Sources further said that the process gained speed after a recent meeting between Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi and US Vice President Mike Pence.

The new talks reportedly go by the agenda “Better Pak-US relations”.

The acting foreign secretary of US had detailed meetings with top government and military officials to discuss the bilateral relations, support against terrorism as well as the situation in Afghanistan and regional affairs.

“The Trump administration is willing to support Pakistan for ensuring peace in Afghanistan,” the sources said, adding that the foreign secretary also told Pakistani authorities to play an active role in promoting peace within Afghanistan.

Pakistan has expressed its willingness to engage in dialogue with the Afghan government led by President Ashraf Ghani.

“Pakistan has intimated that it wants good relations with the Trump administration,” the sources said, adding, “However, all diplomatic channels will orchestrate a policy of fair dealing and equality.”

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