Pakistan does not have a “Good Raymond Davis, Bad Raymond Davis” policy: FO

Pakistan does pursues neither a Good Taliban, Bad Taliban policy nor does it pursue a Good Raymond Davis, Bad Raymond Davis policy.
These were the views of Foreign Office Spokesperson Dr Muhammad Faisal in his weekly press briefing.
“Recent events in the media might have led some to believe that the government plays favourites when it comes to dealing with law-breaking, violent foreign musclemen, but that is not the case,” he said.
“We’ll have you know that there is absolutely no chance that we would treat differently any such unsavoury types, whether they are from the US or China,” he continued. “There is absolutely no truth to any such impression and we would like to condemn anyone implying anything of the sort.”
“Our policy towards such foreign meatheads is the same: they will get away almost absolutely scotfree.”
On the issue of overpolicing of the Pashtun citizens of the country, he said the country is in a state of war and tough measures have to be taken for the greater good.