Opposition coalition of siblings apprehensive as Ammi-led government calls joint session of house


Your house – The Ammi-led Ammi-Abbu government, which has ruled your house since your birth, has called a general house meeting in the living room, where the leaders of the house expect you and your siblings to convene after dinner, The Dependent has learned on reliable authority.  

According to reports, leader of the house Ammi seemed objectively annoyed and on edge, indicating that the meeting was not going to be a pleasant experience for any of the members involved. Her junior coalition partner Abbu has also expressed his full support as per SOP.

However, despite the ominous signs, the eldest brother (Bhaiya) lead opposition, which includes you and your two sisters as well, could not tell what possible reason there could be for such annoyance on her behalf.

You were also unable to tell what the meeting could be about, even as you made your way to the living room, stepping around the pile of scrap paper and dirty clothes your mother has been telling you to put away for the past week.

Your younger sister also remained confused as to why such an impromptu congregation had been called, even though she once again managed to block the 30 minute nap Ammi attempts to take every day, but always fails to because of some shrill demand or the other.   

Meanwhile, your elder sister, who has once again defected to the Ammi-Abbu government will arrive at the meeting smugly wanting to see you get a dressing down.

At the same time, opposition leader Bhaiyya will boycott the meeting once again by arriving home past curfew with visibly red eyes, and thus preventing quorum.

It is expected that Ammi-Abbu will move to the independent judiciary over the opposition leaders actions, and will first take the case to the Daddi bench and then to the Dada bench on appeal.

Bhaiyya is already planning his defence by claiming he did not get the memo, even though the family whatsapp group’s read receipts clearly show he was the first one to see the message.