Kashmiris have written a new history with their blood: Shehbaz


LAHORE: Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif said that people of Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK) were fighting for their freedom and survival and they had written a new history with their blood to achieve the goal of self-determination.

In his message issued on account of Kashmir Solidarity Day, the chief minister said that Kashmir was the unfinished agenda of the independence of sub-continent. Pakistani government as well as the people had always raised full voice against the worst violations of human rights and state sponsored brutalities in IOK, he added.

“Kashmiris are rightful to ask the world community that why are they being continuously deprived of their basic rights according to the charter of United Nations (UN). The just solution of the core issue of Kashmir is essential for fully benefiting from natural and human resources of South Asia. Continued deprivation of Kashmiri people from their self-determination by India through state terrorism and atrocious occupation is highly condemnable,” he said.

Shehbaz said that the solution of Kashmir issue was essential in the light of UN resolutions for maintaining durable peace in the region.

“On this day, the whole nation is standing side-by-side with their Kashmiri brethren and I pay tribute to the brave struggle of the Kashmiri people for their inalienable right of self-determination,” Shehbaz said.

The chief minister urged the world community and human rights bodies to play their effective role in stopping the worst cruelties meted out by the Indian forces. He said that the Kashmir issue should be solved according to wishes and desire of the Kashmiris.

Shehbaz further said that PML-N government had effectively projected the Kashmir cause at national and international forums during its every tenure.

On the occasion of Kashmir Solidarity Day, the chief minister, ministers and officers attended various meetings with black ribbons on their arms against the cruelties of Indian armed forces in IOK. Along with the chief minister, provincial ministers, chief secretary and other secretaries wore black ribbons in the meetings at Chief Minister’s House.


Slough Mayor Ishrat Naz Shah called on the chief minister and discussed with him different matters, including Pakistan-UK relations and the issues of overseas Pakistanis. Talking to the mayor, the chief minister said that Punjab Oversees Pakistanis Commission (OPC) had been performing wonderfully to serve the Pakistanis living abroad and added that protection of hard-earned money of expatriates had been fully ensured. He said that oversees Pakistanis were ambassadors of the country who brought laurels home with their hard work and dedication. He said that the election of Shah as the mayor of Slough was a matter of pride for Pakistan.


  1. True that oversees Pakistanis are the ambassadors of the country who brought and continue to bring money and laurels home with their hard work and dedication, but it is sad to see that Pakistani politicians continue to rob the country and take its wealth abroad. Shahbaz Sharif and his brother are on top of the list of those robbers and cheaters. It is amazing how the man lies blatantly without being held accountable because him and his brother control absolute power in the country.

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