Pak-EPA orders closure of two steel mills for breaking environmental laws: report


ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Environment Protection Agency (Pak-EPA) on Wednesday ordered the closure of two steel mills for breaking environmental laws, according to a local media outlet.

Pak-EPA issued an environment protection order (EPO) under the Pakistan Environment Protection Act 1997 to Siddiqui Steel Mill and Zia Steel Mill, in which it is also mentioned that the agency will also take action against the remaining units for breaking environmental laws.

Pak-EPA has mentioned in the statement that both steel mills are responsible for causing significant pollution as smoke from their chimneys is 40pc in excess of permissible limits of the National Environment Quality Standards (NEQS).

It was mentioned by the agency that both the mills have been served notices in the past giving them the opportunity for personal hearing which was never availed by the owners of the mills.

“You did not even bother to appear for a personal hearing in order to satisfy the concerned authorities about the violations. You are directed to immediately stop operations of your units till compliance with NEQS,” Pak-EPA said in the EPO issued to both units.