Mock emergency exercise conducted in Islamabad red zone


ISLAMABAD: Islamabad police on Thursday conducted a surprise mock exercise in red zone area to test the preparedness of Anti-Terrorism Squad.

Police DIG Waqar Chouhan, while briefing the media, told that the capital police had conducted the mock exercise in order to gauge its preparedness and readiness to respond to any untoward terror incident in the sensitive red zone area.

In order to imitate a real-life scenario, Capital Territory Police informed the electronic and print media reporters about rumour of a bomb planted in the red zone.

Mock dead body placed inside cordoned off area. PHOTO: Twitter

As the emergency crew, ambulances and police contingents rushed to the area, police officials on duty cordoned off the area and allowed no one to enter the premises. The purpose of the exercises, according to the police spokesman, was to ensure the preparedness of police force.

“Policemen are the first and final line of defence and it is their duty to provide security to the people and public properties in case of any unfortunate incident,” he said.

During the mock exercise, the people of capital remained under shock as they were of the view that an unfortunate incident may have happened but the law enforcement agencies later told them that it was all just a mock exercise.

People, on hearing the rumour, rushed out of their office and hotels, clutching all valuable belongings in their hands. The atmosphere of capital reeked of fear and panic. Anxiety spread all over Islamabad, but ended soon after the official announcement was made.

Pakistan Army soldiers also participated in the mock exercise. PHOTO: Twitter

“ICT Police conducted mock exercise and rehearsal today at F-5 to tackle any untoward situation which was participated by personnel of Counter-Terrorism Force, Rangers, City Police, Special Branch, Bomb Disposal Squad, Medical Staff, Fire Brigade, Pak Army, 1122 and ambulances,” Islamabad police representative said.

Previously, Punjab police and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) government had done mock exercises in Punjab University and different schools, respectively. These activities assess the performance of all concerned departments, including the law enforcement agencies, a police spokesperson told media.