‘Briefly missing’ tourists recovered in Balochistan


QUETTA: Six tourists went briefly missing in Bolan while travelling from Quetta to Islamabad, Levies sources said late Wednesday, before they were recovered by the local authorities.

Levies official told media that six foreign travellers went missing in Bolan. They were travelling from Quetta to Islamabad when they suddenly disappeared. An operation was launched on the directives of secretary interior to recover the missing travellers.

They were recovered by the local authorities in Bolan. According to reports, they had lost their way while travelling.

In February, son of a local partner of a Chinese shipping company, which had hinted at transferring some of its business from a port in the Persian Gulf to Gwadar Port, had gone missing from the city’s Saddar area under mysterious circumstances, however, a case has as yet not been registered by the police.

Police said they were notified of the man’s disappearance two days ago, and confirmed that the missing person is the son of a local partner of a Chinese state-owned shipping giant.