Asma Nawab released after remaining 20 years in prison


Asma Nawab was released from Karachi women’s jail on Thursday in response to Supreme Court’s (SC) acquittal order earlier this week in a murder case of her parents and brother after she had already served nearly a two-decade-long sentence.

Asma was accused to have assassinated her family members over a dispute related to her love marriage.

She was released after the prison authorities received a written order from the SC. “I am very happy that I am leaving the prison. The jail staff really cooperated with me,” Asma said at the time of her release.

Asma, Farhan and Javed had appealed against their death sentences in the SC. On April 2, the court accepted their appeals, quashed their sentences and ordered their immediate release after it ruled that there was no concrete evidence found against the suspects, and the evidence presented before the court had several problems.

In 1999, the sessions court had ordered double death sentences for the three suspects. The Sindh High Court had rejected their appeal against the death sentence in 2015 and the appeal against that order was eventually taken up by the Supreme Court.

Asma was the only woman facing a death sentence in Sindh province.