Wajid Zia wins first round of Kasauti at accountability court


ISLAMABAD – Federal Investigation Authority Additional Director Wajid Zia won the first round of the ongoing tournament of Kasauti at the accountability court on Monday. This was felt by Zia himself during the investigation of the Avenfield case, where the FIA AD was confident the competition of Kasauti was going on.

Eyewitnesses outside of Zia’s inner feelings felt the same when during cross-questioning by Nawaz Sharif’s lawyer, Khawaja Haris, Zia said that his friend Tariq Irfan Naeem Mangi told him that he and four other guys are launching Kasauti, and that he was to be the one that would do the guessing.

Taking a sip of water, and cleaning sweat from his forehead, Zia told the court that he didn’t ask any questions because he had the ability to guess the answers without needing to go through the 20 questions.

“For those who are still unfamiliar with how the game works, here are the rulebooks,” Zia said pointing to the volumes of the JIT report.

“Why is it so hot in the court,” he asked, after which Judge Muhammad Bashir adjourned the hearing.

During the hearing next day, Zia continued his sparkling form in the ongoing Kasauti tournament, getting all his answers spot on.