Senior Dubai official compares ‘criminal’ Pakistanis to ‘disciplined’ Indians


DOHA: A senior Dubai police official has tweeted that “Indians are disciplined… while sedition, criminality and smuggling in the Pakistani community are rampant.”

Head of General Security for Dubai, Dhahi Khalfan, is not new to making such statements. Immediately after the blockade on Qatar started in June, Khalfan had admitted that they had set off the crisis with Qatar to withdraw the 2022 world cup from Qatar.

The statements against Pakistani citizens were posted on his official Twitter account after the Dubai authorities arrested a gang of Pakistanis for smuggling drugs.

“The Pakistanis pose a serious threat to the Gulf communities because they bring drugs to our countries,” he posted.


Pakistanis are one of the largest expatriate communities in the Gulf region with many holding senior posts in corporations and running leading business houses.

Khalfan also advised the UAE nationals to not employ Pakistanis, who otherwise enjoy deep historic relations with the region through cultural and religious ties.

“We have seen the Pakistanis do great harm to our Gulf communities,” and asked “Why are Indians disciplined? While sedition, criminality and smuggling in the Pakistani community are rampant.”


The senior Dubai police official has over 2.66 million followers on his verified Twitter account.


  1. There’s is no brothood in religion, sooner we understand and stop mullah from brainwashing our generation ,for their personal gains, better it would be.
    It’s about the time we separated religion from every day tasks and keep it as personal and cultural choice.

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