Palestinian govt slams Israel’s killing of Gaza protestors as “massacre”



The Palestinian Foreign Affairs Ministry on Tuesday denounced Israeli forces’ killing of innocent Palestinian protesters at the border area as a “massacre.”

Violent clashes broke out last Friday between Palestinian protestors and Israeli soldiers near the Israeli border with Gaza Strip, where Palestinians held a mass rally, known as “Great March of Return,” that is expected to last until May 15.

As many as 17 Palestinians have been reportedly killed and more than 1,500 others injured by live ammunition from the Israeli soldiers in the past days of clashes.

“The heinous massacre that took place last Friday led to the murder of 17 and injuries of more than 1,500 unarmed Palestinians,” said the Palestinian ministry in a statement.

It also accused Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of lying about the “heinous” incident to cover his administration’s “colonial attempts,” mislead the public and justify the massacre.

The statement also expressed concerns over Israel’s escalated violations on the ground, while pledging to continue political and diplomatic efforts to stop Israel from its occupation and crimes against the Palestinians.

It called on the United Nations to respond to the Palestinian demands to protect the Palestinian people, the peaceful march in the Gaza Strip in particular, to save the global institution’s “remaining credibility.”


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