Guards in Peshawar’s Chacha Younus Park injure three celebrating Easter


PESHAWAR: Guards of Peshawar’s Chacha Younus Family Park injured three youths after an alleged squabble over Easter celebrations.

According to reports, a Christian boy, a Sikh boy and a Sikh girl were wounded after the park’s guards “thought it odd that Sikhs were celebrating Easter”.

As per a police report, an FIR [First Investigation Report] had been lodged against the guards for beating the group of friends. One of the boys, Shahmeel, said he and his two other Christian friends headed to the park with their Sikh friends for Easter celebrations on Monday night when the guards stopped the girls at the entrance.

He claimed they objected that taking girlfriends to the park was prohibited.

The boys got enraged when the guards questioned their relationship, he added. “They attacked us which dislocated my friend’s elbow and I received a blow to my head.”