ASWJ protesters demand leader’s recovery


ISLAMABAD: Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat (ASWJ) supporters protested at the Islamabad expressway during Monday evening to demand recovery of their central party leader.

ASWJ protesters blocked the highway near Zia mosque. They claimed that their central deputy secretary Masoodur Rehman Usmani had been missing for a few hours.

Usmani was picked up by unidentified persons from Sharifabad area during Monday afternoon, the protesters said. According to media reports associated with ASWJ leaders’ statements, men in plain clothes came in several vehicles while hiding their faces and took Usmani with them.

The police said to be unaware of any such incident.

The expressway was cleared after 10 pm when authorities, including a law enforcement agency’s officials, assured the ASWJ to help recover Usmani. However, ASWJ leaders have warned that they would protest again if their central deputy secretary was neither released nor produced before the court on Tuesday.


  1. All these protestors blocking the road should be arrested and produced in court for blocking the road

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