PML-N faces constitutional, legal hurdles in ousting Senate chairman: report


ISLAMABAD: The decision of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) to bring a no-confidence motion against the new Senate Chairman Sadiq Sanjrani has been dropped because of constitutional limitations and the move to seek judicial intervention in the Senate chairman’s age issue also faces a legal hurdle, according to a report by a private news outlet.

According to the Senate regulations, a no-confidence motion against Snajrani cannot be tabled in the House before six months of the chairman’s tenure have passed, therefore, a no-confidence motion against him cannot be brought until September 12.

Apart from that, the minimum age for the election of the President of Pakistan is 45 years, given that Sanjrani is less than the age specified, PML-N was planning on moving the court against his eligibility as Senate chairman. However, the ruling party dropped this plan given that the 45-year age restriction is on the “election of the president” while Sanjrani would not be an elected president.