Children from Christian community visit Zoo before Easter


KARACHI: On the directive of the Karachi Mayor Wasim Akhtar, one thousand children from Christian community were provided with a free visit to the Karachi Zoo along with their family.

The Recreation Director Mansoor Qazi welcomed the children and their parents whereas city council minority member Anthoni Teja and Javed Ahmed were also present on this occasion in the Karachi Zoo.

Qazi said the arrangement of this visit was aimed at providing the Christian community with this opportunity to celebrate their religious festival in a joyful manner along with the provision of municipal facilities to them on this occasion.

He said the pensioners of Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) from Christian community had already received their pension before Easter and their dues have also been paid. He said the zoo of Karachi is an important recreation centre and people especially children feel much happy while being here.

The children also travelled in the toy train and visited Mumtaz Mahal during their visit to the zoo. They were entertained with soft drinks and food items.

The Christian community thanked the Karachi mayor for arranging this visit of Karachi Zoo for their children on their auspicious occasion.