Capital police to pay forensic analysis fee to PFSA directly: report


ISLAMABAD: The capital police have asked the Punjab Forensic Science Agency (PFSA) to send them the forensic analysis fee bills instead of directly charging officials, reports a local media outlet.

According to the common practice, police officials would take samples to the PFSA for forensic test/analysis while depositing the analysis fee out of their own pocket.

However, this amount would later be reimbursed to the concerned police officials.

However, this practice led to corrupt practices as the officials taking the samples to the lab minted money on the pretext of the cost of investigations etc.

Some senior police officers, in order to curb the practice, approached the PFSA with a request that bills should directly be sent to the capital police which was accepted.

The official said that the PFSA would send the bills to the capital police on a monthly basis now.

A letter written to the capital police by the director administration at the PFSA said: “It is stated that the case analysis fee is applicable to all departments other than Punjab Government.”