People want no more circuses, it’s time to deliver: Shehbaz


–CM congratulates Christian community on Easter


LAHORE: Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif on Saturday said that now was the time to deliver, as the people had already seen too many “dramas and circuses”.

Speaking to overseas Pakistanis in London, the chief minister said that the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) did politics not for coming into power, but for public welfare and service.

“The people cannot be deceived through false claims of change and revolution. How can those who failed in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) claim to change the whole country?” he questioned and said change came through development and the people knew that only the PML-N had the agenda of public welfare and development.

“Those who made records of telling lies have failed to win the hearts of the people, while on the other hand, development projects of the PML-N government can be seen in all small and big cities of Punjab. The journey of development is continuing in the province despite sit-ins, protests and rallies,” added Shehbaz.

The chief minister also said the PML-N would win more seats in the 2018 general elections owing to its performance and he would remain committed to his resolve to serve the people till his last breath.

Earlier, Chief Minister Shehbaz congratulating the Christian community on Easter said that the festival taught to spend time with the helpless and needy and share the joy with them.

“Easter represents the emotion of inclination in human life towards good qualities and goodness. Respecting honour and dignity of all prophets is our religious duty,” he said in his Easter greeting and added that believing in all prophets was a part of Islamic faith.

“Brotherhood, harmony, unity and forgiveness is the crux of Jesus Christ’s teachings,” said the chief minister.

He said the role of the Christian community in the development of Pakistan was praiseworthy and the community had earned a good name in Pakistan through its service in health and education fields.

Shehbaz said all minorities had equal rights as per the Constitution of Pakistan and the quota for minorities in jobs was strictly being implemented. “Looking after the holy places of minorities and their decoration is the priority of the government and the minorities are being provided with equal opportunities to enter the national mainstream,” he said.

The chief minister also said that the nation needed harmony among all religions to resolve the problems faced by the country, and followers of all religions should resolve to work jointly as true Pakistanis for peace and progress.


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