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Every tenure of PML-N filled with principles of honesty, trust: Shehbaz

–Opponents’ politics of anarchy, baseless allegations damaged national interests


LAHORE: Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif on Friday said that every term of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) government was filled with golden principles of public service, honesty, trust and transparency.

“We have, in fact, always prioritised public service and our life and death are meant for Pakistan. We will continue to serve the nation till our last breath,” he said.

Speaking to a delegation of the PML-N in London, Shehbaz said that on the other hand, those who had the worst performance in their province tried to hoodwink the people by telling lies, and added that the “sit-in group” had conspired to halt the journey of public service.

“Imran Niazi has lost his creditability by continuing to level baseless allegations, and has set a world-record of taking U-turns,” said the chief minister. He also said that attempts were made to obstruct the process of national development and prosperity of the people through sit-ins.

Shehbaz said that such elements had committed great cruelty with the nation for the sake of their personal interests and added the elements opposing the nation would have to face the wrath of the people in the 2018 elections.

He said the politics of anarchy and baseless allegations had damaged national interests, however, politics of transparency and public service had always defeated mendacity and the politics of deceit. “The conscious people of the country have rejected the elements involved in sit-ins and corruption in the past and they will do so in the future as well,” said the chief minister.

He said the energy crisis, sagging economy and ruined institutions were the “gifts” of previous rulers, who mercilessly plundered the hard-earned money of the poor.

“The talented youth was deprived of their rights by violating merit and the past rulers continuously remained engrossed in loot and plunder… the nation will never forget it,” said Shehbaz and added that those who filled their pockets in the name of development projects had snatched away the rights of the poor.

“When the PML-N started to wriggle the country out of the quagmire of problems, the sit-in group started its conspiracies,” Shehbaz said. He also said that the claimants of change conspired to convert the development process into a steep journey of decline.

“The national economy was weakened to the tune of billions of rupees through sit-ins and lockdown conspiracies of these elements. Meanwhile, the PML-N government has introduced a new trend by promoting transparency and completion of high-quality development projects. Our hands are clean and there are no allegations of corruption of even a single penny,” he said and further told that even international agencies had acknowledged the enhanced state of transparency in Pakistan.

The chief minister also said that people could only be served through hard work, honesty and trust while politics of negativity always distracted the nation.

“Our sole agenda is the selfless service of 200 million people of Pakistan and all of us will have to move in unison to take the country forward. Pakistan will achieve its destination with collective efforts and wisdom. Any approach based on individualism has no value,” concluded Shehbaz.

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