Man posing as FIA director deprives citizen of thousands


ISLAMABAD: The cyber-crime wing of FIA has sprung into action and registered an FIR against a con artist posing as Federal Investigation Authority (FIA) director who defrauded a citizen of Rs352,000.

According to details, Zahid Iqbal, a resident of Humak, submitted a written application on February 19, 2018, in which he mentioned that he received calls from three numbers where a person told him that he was calling from FIA headquarter and was investigating the accounts of his family.

Iqbal provided the details of the accounts of his and his family members to the person on phone. Later on, it turned out that Rs352,000 had been transferred from his account to others.

It is pertinent to mention here that complaints of same nature have been registered with FIA in the past from areas in and around the capital.

Sources at FIA said that there is a possibility of involvement of bank staff in such frauds.

Authorities have given assurance that the culprits will soon be arrested.