Iran urges dialogue to settle Yemen conflicts



Iran’s ambassador to the UN urged the sides involved in Yemen conflicts to settle the crisis in the Arab state through dialogue.

Gholamali Khoshrou said that Saudi Arabia should “abandon adventurism and warmongering and engage in constructive political dialogue with Yemen, which is its neighbor, while respecting the people’s rights.”

Iran basically believes in no other solution than a political one to the conflict in Yemen, Khoshrou said.

He denied that his country has supplied missiles to the Yemeni Houthi militants who target Saudi Arabia’s inner posts.

Khoshrou dismissed the Saudi allegations as “baseless,” urging the kingdom to engage in dialogue with the Houthis.

The three-year Saudi war on Yemen is not legitimate, Khoshrou said, adding that the war on Yemen has achieved nothing but massacre, hunger, diseases and destruction of its infrastructure.

“It is not the first time Saudi Arabia enters into correspondence against Iran in order to cover up its defeats in Yemen, and the international community is well aware of this fact,” Khoshrou was quoted as saying by Iran’s state TV.

“With adventurism and inexperience, the Saudis have helped inflict cholera on millions of Yemeni people and targeted children and civilians in the course of their bombardments,” he said.

In a letter issued on Tuesday, Saudi envoy to the United Nations, Abdullah al-Muallami, urged the UN Security Council to hold the Islamic republic accountable for the alleged missile supply to Yemen’s Houthis.

The Saudi-led coalition revealed on Monday “evidence” of the Iranian role in trafficking weapons to Yemen.

The coalition spokesperson Turki al-Malki said an Iranian made missile with Persian writing was confiscated in Yemen, and a shipment of missiles from Iran were seized before they were used by Houthi militias.

The Islamic Republic wants Saudi Arabia to immediately join a peace process in Yemen and stop actions that have failed to bring peace to Yemen, Khoshrou said.

He expressed concerns at what he called the sale of U.S. weapons to Saudi Arabia.

Khoshrou called on the Muslin world and the international community to pressure Saudi Arabia to stop war in Yemen.

In a Tuesday statement, Iran’s Foreign Ministry said that the Saudi rulers cannot cover up their repeated defeats in Yemen by levelling accusations against others.

The Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qasemi said that the Saudis are seeking to cover up their failures despite being equipped with a huge collection of cutting-edge weaponry worth tens of billions of dollars.

“The reality is that the Saudis and their allies have faced the resistance of Yemeni people and experienced a scandalous defeat in the unfair war on impoverished nation,” Qasemi said.

Qasemi also referred to the recent “threatening” remarks of a Saudi military commander about Iran and said it goes without saying that “such warmongering and irresponsible statements can be supported legally and internationally.”

Saudi Arabia is leading a mostly Arab military coalition to fight Iran-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen since March 2015.

Houthis have been controlling much of Yemen’s north by force, including the capital Sanaa since 2014.

The war has killed more than 10,000 Yemenis, mostly civilians, and displaced over 3 million, according to humanitarian agencies.