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Accused flees from IHC as police stand to watch

ISLAMABAD: Due to the incompetency of Islamabad police, the son in law of former Islamabad IG has succeeded in fleeing from Islamabad High Court (IHC).

It is the second time that he ran away from the police custody as he had also escaped from the premises of the lower court in Islamabad.

On Thursday, the single-member bench of IHC comprising Justice Aamir Farooq had rejected the bail of main accused Tahir Maga in a case regarding grabbing a house of a widow in Sector G-6.

As soon as the court rejected his bail, the accused sprinted away from the court but interestingly, the police, CIA staff and officials of other security agencies instead of catching him only looked at the faces of each other.

Sources told Online that the notorious gang of the land mafia is working in the federal capital under the supervision of Tahir Maga, who is the son in law of ex Islamabad IG. A group of black sheep sitting in the police is also backing them who are trying to hide the facts.

The affected widow knocked the door of IHC and on her application, the court had given the orders to Islamabad chief commissioner to investigate the matter. As a result of the probe, assistant commissioner (city) was removed from the slot.

Just to hoodwink the court, the IG transferred the inspector who supported land grabbers and after some days, he was back on his previous job. The police also shifted the case to CIA.

Firstly, the bail of the main accused in the case was cancelled by the lower court and then bail application was rejected by the high court. On both the occasions, the influential culprit ran away from the courtroom and the police did not take any action except watching like a statue.

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