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Ten workers die in Sukkur warehouse roof collapse

SUKKUR: At least ten persons were reported dead after the roof of a warehouse in Sukkur collapsed on Wednesday.

The incident took place at the Khajoor Mandi in Sukkur where at least ten workers of a warehouse died after being trapped under the collapsed roof, Sukkur commissioner told media.

He added that six women and two minors were among those dead.

According to reports, the roof collapsed due to a gas explosion. The commissioner stated that the warehouse operated an illegal boiler to roast the date-palm fruit at the roof. The gas leakage also occurred because of certain chemicals used during the production process.

He said the boiler was sealed a couple of months ago, adding that the owner had fled the scene.

A rescue operation was launched to recover other workers trapped under the debris.

Soldiers of Pakistan Army and Rangers also took part in the rescue operation. They provided help to the local authorities by participating in the operation and rescuing lives. A number of injured persons were rescued from the warehouse.

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