Slovak court orders suspension of Uber services nationally


BRATISLAVA: A Slovak court has ordered Uber to suspend its operations in the country, a court spokesman said on Tuesday, responding to an action by taxi drivers who say the ride-hailing service represents unfair competition.

Though the decision came into effect on March 6 it was announced only on Tuesday and Uber services were still available in the Slovak capital Bratislava.

“The defendant is obliged to refrain from allowing people who do not meet legal requirements (…) to carry out taxi services in Slovakia,” court spokesman Pavol Adamciak said. The Bratislava-based Association of certified taxi drivers filed the lawsuit in January, arguing Uber drivers do not meet the requirements for professional taxi drivers and the cars do not meet the safety and regulatory requirements for professional transport services.

Uber in Slovakia declined to comment until it received the court decision. Uber has faced regulatory and legal setbacks around the world amid opposition from traditional taxi services.

The European Union’s top court said in a landmark ruling in December that Uber should be classified as a transport service and regulated like other taxi operators.

Last year, London deemed Uber unfit to run a taxi service and stripped it of its license to operate. Uber is appealing against the decision.


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