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NAB chairman reviews watchdog’s performance

  • Javed Iqbal chairs meeting at NAB Headquarters

ISLAMABAD: National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Chairman Justice Javed Iqbal chaired a meeting to review the performance of the anti-graft watchdog at the NAB Headquarters here on Tuesday.

The deputy chairman, prosecutor general accountability and senior officers were also present in the meeting. The chairman said that the elimination of corruption was a top most priority of the bureau as NAB was working under the slogan of ‘Accountability for All.’

He said that every citizen of Pakistan was looking towards NAB to purge the country from menaces of corruption. After assuming the responsibilities of the chairman on Oct 10, 2017, he said that he vowed to elimination of corruption at all cost and to change the culture of the NAB by only concentrating on ensuring accountability of the corrupt without any discrimination.

“NAB is not only conducting complaint verification, inquiries and investigations of the cases on a scientific basis by ensuring merit and transparency. NAB is also strictly adhering to completing the investigations of cases within the prescribed period of 10 months,” he said.

Javed Iqbal said that the corruption was a curse which was a major hurdle in the prosperity and progress of the country. He said that the NAB officers have adopted zero-tolerance policy for the elimination of corruption without caring about the status of the accused. He said that the NAB officers consider across the board accountability as their national duty.

He said that he has seriously and sincerely started working in NAB sans caring about any pressure with the help of Almighty Allah. He directed all the officers to expedite the ongoing complaint verification, inquiries and investigations including mega corruption cases on merit as per law and on the basis of solid evidence in order to eradicate corruption from the country.

As a result of his sincere efforts and continued efforts to arrest accused, proclaimed offenders and absconders, NAB has arrested 226 accused of alleged corruption in a period of last five months. NAB had approved to conduct 55 complaint verification, 39 inquiries and 33 investigations as per law.

The chairman said that NAB in a period of last five months, the bureau has filed 197 corruption references in relevant accountability courts. The Accountability Courts had sentenced 27 accused as per law, which shows NAB’s excellent performance in a short span of five months due to our continued efforts and hard work put in by all ranks of NAB officers/official across the board.

He reiterated that NAB does not believe on taking revenge from anyone. He said that the NAB officers were working as per law and in accordance with their mandate. He said that NAB was determined for corruption-free Pakistan as the eradication of menace was the voice of the whole nation and time has come that all segments of the society should work together for corruption-free Pakistan.

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