Mountainise proves that future of artificial intelligence in Pakistan is bright


LAHORE: Over the past few decades, the information technology (IT) industry has developed into an all-powerful entity and has played an important role in giving birth to the “digital era”. In Pakistan, the trend of machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) is being taken forward by a new tech startup, Mountainise.

The idea for the startup was conceived by the tech expert and digital marketer Muhammad Jalil Nawaz, who has years of experience working with digital transformation, performance marketing, and machine learning implementation.

The purpose of starting Mountainise was to utilise machine learning and AI in order to promote performance marketing by setting up data analytics teams and execute the plans envisioned by a large network of customers.

In simple words, Mountainise takes your business goals, amplifies and executes them with the help of innovative solutions through machine learning and artificial intelligence.

The popularity of AI could be gauged from the fact that it was now considered a science that governed, controlled, regulated, and connected all other fields in the world, be they sciences, faculties of engineering, technology, education, or even modern businesses.

Countries and industries around the globe have been using IT to develop their businesses and expand these into uncharted territories. With the launch of Mountainise, businesses in Pakistan could now benefit from the cutting-edge technologies introduced in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning.