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Train collision with tractor-trolley leaves driver dead

RAHIM YAR KHAN: A tractor-trolley driver died after the vehicle collided with Pakistan Express on Monday. The collision also resulted in the derailing of Pakistan Express.

According to railway sources, the accident occurred as the Jetha Bhutta track was left open ahead of the arrival of the train. Thee tractor-trolley driver Shabbir Ali took his vehicle on the track after which the collision occurred and the driver lost his life. A helper, who was accompanying the driver, saved his life by jumping off the tractor-trolley.

The accident also caused the train to derail from its track and the passage of trains on the affected track remained suspended for five hours, during which the up-track was sent for repair to Feroza Station.

Similarly, on March 20, a man sustained severe injuries after he was hit by a train on Drigh Road Railway track in Karachi.

65-year-old man named Muhammad Aslam, son of Samandar Khan was crossing a railway track in Drigh Road when he was hit by a passenger train and severely injured, according to rescue sources.

The man was rushed to Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Center for treatment after the accident.

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