Karachi to have ‘Dinner in the Sky’ restaurant from August


KARACHI: After being available in around 62 countries, it is now Pakistan’s turn to have ‘Dinner in the Sky’ in August this year that will have a dining table up in the sky with exhilarating views of the city and 180-degree rotation, it was learnt.

The concept of DITS of dining adventure in the sky is chiefly the establishment of the world’s best communication agency Hakuna Matata, Belgium. Dinner in the Sky started their journey of banqueting in the sky with the collaboration of 22 newly developed restaurants in Europe.

Preceding with the successful years, DITS now has efficaciously showcased its flying table themed restaurant in 62 countries including Australia, Canada, South Africa, Mexico, India, Brazil, Dubai, USA and others.

According to DITS Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Ali Atara, DITS Pakistan believes the people of the country has all the potential to adapt and converse with the advanced technology of the world, just as faster as the neighbouring countries. “We don’t stand on the side and see the world growing, but rather we invade the opportunities subletting in our region. By bringing the idea in Pakistan, I prospect to provide my country’s people, the feeling of a lavish environment, a chance to dine out in the sky with the leisure of phenomenon sights and the new impression of entertainment with respect to our religion and culture,” he said in a statement.