PM Abbasi should apologise on insulting statement against Senate chairman: Durrani


ISLAMABAD: Former federal information minister Muhammad Ali Durrani demanded from Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi an unconditional apology on his statement in which he “accusing and insulted” elected Senate Chairman Mir Muhammad Sanjrani, warning that the elected PM from Punjab had sent out a wrong message to Balochistan.

“It seems, unfortunately, more like a statement of a stooge than an elected premier, who is duty bound constitutionally to represent all federating units and to take them along, most especially when he chooses his words to address someone from a smaller province and the most respected office of Senate chairman,” former information minister lamented in a statement issued on Sunday.

Durrani said, “PML-N, which was born in the infamous Changa-Manga, nourished and groomed in General Ziaul Haq’s house and bloomed in Panama, has now pitched itself to attack judiciary and constitution for the sake of Sharif dynasty’s imposition.”

“Is this the treatment they were meting out to Balochistan? If the same house and members from Balochistan decided to vote for PML-N today, they would declare the same persons ‘Sadiq’ (sagacious) and ‘Ameen’ (honest),” he said.

He asked that if PM had the information and enough evidence of the use of money or horse trading then why did he remain silent on the crime.

“Is it not true that he and his party were trying their best to get votes of the very senators he is lashing out on in desperation?” the former minister asked.

Durrani deplored that at a time when the enemies of Pakistan were trying to disrupt peace by the acts of terrorism and violence inside Balochistan, the ruling party was defaming and disgracing the Baloch leadership on the other hand, which was highly condemnable.

He said that Shahid Khaqan Abbasi had become a toy to the whims of Jati Umra.

“Prime Minister’s statement revived the ugly slogan of ‘idhar hum, udhar tum’ (we rule here, you rule there) by demonstrating such hatred and venom thus stabbing the solidarity of the country” he said.

He demanded the PM to retract his statement forthwith and apologise to the people of Balochistan for casting unjustified charges on their representatives.