FATA development funds underused, documents reveal


ISLAMABAD: Out of Rs21.266 billion allocated under the FATA Annual Development budget, only Rs6.563 billion have been utilised by the government, according to a report.

The Mid-Year Review report of FATA (Federally Administered Tribal Areas) ADP 2017-18, revealed that a total of Rs21.266 billion had been allocated for various sectors of which only Rs8.802 billion had been released. However, out of the total released amount, only Rs6.563 billion have been utilised by the end of the third quarter.

The report revealed that Rs21.266 billion were allocated for a total of 1,103 schemes under FATA ADP 2017-18 including 709 ongoing schemes and 394 new schemes. Out of the total allocated amount, funds amounting to Rs14.872 billion have been earmarked for ongoing schemes and Rs6.393 billion for the new schemes.

Furthermore, from a total of 1,103 schemes, a majority of the schemes were related to Education (187), Communication (158) and Health (122).

A total of 387 schemes are due for completion during FATA ADP 2017-18, the document disclosed.

The document shows that out of the new programs in FATA , 168 schemes still await approval by the concerned forums of which a majority unapproved schemes were in South Waziristan (44 out of 74), followed by North Waziristan (14 out of 39), Bajaur (13 out of 28) and Mohmand (13 out of 31).

Agency wise allocation FATA ADP 2017-18:

Out of the total Rs21.266 billion, Rs2.483 billion (11.68 per cent) had been allocated for South Waziristan, Rs2.1 billion (9.88 per cent) for Khyber, Rs2.008 billion (9.44 per cent) for Bajaur and Rs1.941 billion (9.13 per cent) for Kurram.  North Waziristan’s share stood at Rs1.939 billion (9.12 per cent), Mohmand’s at Rs. 1.426 billion (6.71 per cent) and Rs 999.744 million (4.70 per cent) for Orakzai.

The remaining funds have been allocated to other Frontier Regions.