Armeena Khan shuts down trolls for calling her ‘attention-seeking’


MANCHESTER: Pakistani-Canadian actor Armeena Khan has never been one to shy away from raising awareness on social issues and speaking her mind.

In wake of the death of the last male northern white rhino, Sudan, the actor took to social media to share her feelings on the issue as well as address some environmental concerns.

“I am heartbroken. This is a sad sad time for our planet and our souls,” she wrote, continuing, “Sudan, the last male White Rhino has died in Kenya. To effectively make a creature extinct is a shame we all have to live with, every single day many leave us never to exist again, what have we done and why have we done this? Who do we think we are that we can kill a species with little remorse or responsibility.”

However, as always, internet trolls and haters were quick to put her down and commented that the actor should be more mindful of the innocent loss of lives in Syria instead of being upset over the death of animals.

Much like in the past, Khan was quick to reply to the haters commenting that they need to do their research first before accusing her falsely of not standing up for innocent deaths.

“I have opened the comment section just to highlight the negative, ridiculous mentality that prevails in our masses, lo and beholds the stupidity has been exposed,” she added to the caption written against the picture of Sudan.

Armeena has probably been one of the most vocal actors who has spoken against the atrocities in Syria. She has even joined hands with Human Relief Foundation to help Syrian refugees.