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Salman Khan applauds Jacqueline Fernandez’s rendition of ‘Ek Do Teen’

MUMBAI: Jacqueline Fernandez’s rendition of Madhuri Dixit’s iconic performance on the popular song ‘Ek Do Teen‘ from the film Tehzab has been met with a lot of backlash, with people, including Tehzab director N Chandra, attacking the actress for her dreadful performance.

However, amidst all the drama and hate, superstar Salman Khan has come out in support of Fernandez. Sharing the link to the song on his official Twitter handle, Salman wrote, “Loved the song, Jackie has done full justice to the legendary moves of Saroj Khan. Difficult to match Madhuri. Nice to see Varun and Jackie to our songs; makes us proud and keeps the songs alive and fans listening, dancing and having a blast. Makes me proud. Enjoy karo!”

The remake of ‘Ek Do Teen’ featuring Jacqueline and Prateik Babbar is part of upcoming film Baaghi 2, which has Tiger Shroff and Disha Patani in lead roles. The song was originally picturised on Madhuri in the film Tehzaab and was choreographed by Bollywood veteran Saroj Khan.

After the song released on YouTube on Monday, the video received negative feedback from fans on social media who called it a ‘travesty’ and ‘garbage’.

In a recent interview, the director of Tehzab N Chandra exclaimed, “I can’t believe they’ve done this to Ek Do Teen. It’s crass beyond imagination. And Jacqueline Fernandez doing Madhuri Dixit’s number? Give me a break! It’s like turning the Central Park into a botanical garden. Madhuri danced with such grace and innocence. This number is like a sex act!”

He added that the song’s original choreographer, Khan, is also upset. “I met Saroj ji at Sridevi’s prayer meeting. It was there that Saroj ji marched up to me to tell me about it. Can you imagine how much it had upset her that she needed to vent at such a solemn occasion? She asked me I had seen ‘what they’re doing to our Ek Do Teen number?’ I had no clue. Saroj then told me that the makers of Baaghi 2 were doing a new version of Ek Do Teen. She said she will take legal action against it.”

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