Salman Ahmed reaffirms support for PTI, terms Imran Khan only hope for 2018 elections


Former Junoon-band singer Salman Ahmed, who recently made public his difference with Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) after PTI chief Imran Khan welcomed the Amir Liaquat to his party and described the televangelist as a “sleazy, slithering snake”, has reaffirmed his support for Imran Khan and PTI once again.

Taking to his Twitter account Salman Ahmed stated,”Although I’ve expressed my deep disappointment over Amir Liaquat STILL the only REAL option for 2018 election is Imran Khan and Naya Pakistan”.

Ahmad announced to cut ties with the party two days ago after Imran Khan in an unexpected press conference welcomed Amir Liaquat to the party fold.

In a reaction to this new addition to the party, he said: “After 35 years of defending, supporting and justifying Imran Khan to the world, I no longer can. I fear that reptiles surround him.”

Lashing out at Amir Liaquat, Salman Ahmed stated, “It’s my democratic right to warn against Amir Liaquat. Imran Khan can never benefit from this hypocrite, liar & a sleazy slithering snake”.


  1. Induction of Aamir Liaquat , rejecting all reservations and protests of workers and senior members in the party proves that an unseen power do command and control the politics of pakistan like we witness the same power working behind the scene recently in Senate Chairman elections.

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