Steep decline in bird population witnessed in Balochistan


QUETTA: The conservator of forests and wildlife Balochistan Sharifuddin said on Wednesday that province has witnessed a steep decline in the bird population.

The official confirmed that there has been a sharp decline in the overall population of sparrow along with other birds across Balochistan. The revelation came after a day when bird lovers celebrated World Sparrow Day on Tuesday.

“Even crow which was a bird in abundance, has decreased in numbers,” said Sharifuddin, adding that there is no exact number but the definitely the population of birds has affected.

According to experts, the reason for this reduction in Pakistan is mainly due to the cutting of trees in large numbers, the major increase in development projects and environmental crisis.

Meanwhile, Sharifuddin stated: “the population is affected due to climate changes, drought with increasing hot and low rainfalls, and loss of birds’ natural habitat.”

The official further said that excessive use of fertilizers and pesticides has also affected the worm eating birds.