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‘Pakistanis, Afghan’s hope for peace every year on Jashn-e-Nauroz’

PESHAWAR: Since decades, both Pakistanis and Afghans are dying in an endless war and are hoping every year for a new dawn of peace and love on the occasion of JashneNauroz.

This was stated by Afghan Deputy Ambassador Zardasht Shams at Afghanistan’s Consulate in Peshawar on Wednesday. The event was organized by Afghan Consul General Moeen Marastial.

Zardasht Shams conveyed Ambassador Omar Zakhilwal’s message of peace and prosperity in the coming days and for the upcoming generation. He stated that the offer of peace and dialogue to Taliban by Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani was evergreen and this was the only way of living as humans in this world.

He further informed the gathering about the ongoing positive initiatives taken by both the neighbouring countries. “Dialogue has resumed and both the nations would hear good news soon,” he added.

In the Central Asian States, including Iran, JashneNauroz has been celebrated for thousands of years. Afghan Consul General Moeen Marastial shed the light on the history of Nauroz.

In the old times, young Pashtun girls would go outside to green fields on this very occasion and the region was more pluralistic and acceptable, he added.

“Previous year was not peaceful as per our expectations,” Marastial said, adding that along with all the difficulties, “we [Afghans] got great achievements in the field of cricket, boxing and football”.  “Besides this, President Ashraf Ghani fought the Pakistani case in international forums with more logic,” he added.

The program was attended by academia, students, traders and activists.

Former MNA Jamila Gilani also spoke on the occasion and said that the Pashtuns have to stand firm against the outside culture.

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