Case registered against Haqqani for ‘harming’ national security


KARACHI: An FIR [First Information Report] has been lodged against former ambassador to the United States Hussain Haqqani for allegedly causing harm to national security.

Haqqani was implicated in the Memogate scandal when he allegedly had a memo delivered to Admiral Mike Mullen through Pakistani-American businessman Mansoor Ijaz. The memo had offered greater government cooperation in return for US backing against the powerful military in the immediate aftermath of the May 2 raid which led to the capture and killing of al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.

On Wednesday, the FIR was registered in Karachi’s Preedy Police Station on the request of Advocate Maulvi Iqbal Haider. It stated that the former envoy made anti-state remarks during recent interviews with television talks shows in the US.

The applicant said that Haqqani’s statements undermined national security and challenged the country’s sovereignty. “Haqqani deliberately issued venomous remarks on Pakistan, its forces and the Kashmir cause,” read the FIR.

In February, the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) was considering registering a case against Haqqani.

Additional Attorney General Waqar Rana had submitted before a Supreme Court’s three-judge bench that the agency was considering to file an FIR against Haqqani on the basis of different offences.

In addition, the FIA had written to the Interpol requesting the issuance of red warrants but the agency had raised certain queries.

Meanwhile, commenting in connection with the FIR launched against him, Husain Haqqani said that it was the Inter-Services Intelligence’s (ISI) standard operating procedure to file multiple cases against individuals in different locations to generate media activity.

He further said, “It is absurd to say that I have committed treason by expressing my opinions in TV interviews, as the latest case suggests.”

Outside the propaganda bubble in Pakistan, this entire episode would be seen for what it was – an attempt to harass and silence a dissenting voice that questioned murky state policies, he said.

“I thank the undemocratic forces and their supporters for taking such actions and exposing their authoritarian mindset which could not handle opposing views,” the former ambassador concluded.