Police bust gang of robbers operating under SOPs



KARACHI: Karachi Police on Sunday night arrested an organised gang of four robbers which used to carry out criminal activities under standard operating procedures (SOPs) that they fixed for themselves.

The gang had been operating for four years, police said, adding that the gang members, identified as Abdul Sattar, Ishaq, Tabir, and Nadeem, were involved in a number of robberies in and around marketplaces in Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Tariq Road, and Paposh Nagar.

Special Services Unit Senior Superintendent Tariq Dhanjo said that the group was ‘unique’ as it operated under SOPs that the members had set for themselves.

According to details, Ishaq, who is a jeweller by profession, used to help the robbers in identifying and target women who were wearing jewellery made of real gold and other valuable materials.

The gang would wrap up their criminal activities by 4 pm each day and did not operate after those hours, police said, adding that the robbers also considered Thursdays and Fridays as holidays.