MoI accepts Musharraf’s request for security


KARACHI: Accepting the request of General (r) Pervez Musharraf, the Ministry of Interior said on Monday that it would provide security to the former dictator upon his arrival in Pakistan and during the appearance in court.

In a notification released on Monday, the ministry said it would be provide security to the former president.

Meanwhile, Musharraf expressed dissatisfaction over the proposed security for him and decided to approach the judiciary in this regard.

His lawyer Akhtar Shah asked the officials of the Interior Ministry to submit the security plan in the court.

He said that his client would return to Pakistan after getting security assurance from the ministry.

Earlier, Musharraf’s lawyer had requested security in a letter sent to the Interior Ministry. The lawyer had asked for “foolproof security arrangements” in time.

On Friday, the special court hearing high treason case against the former military dictator had allowed the federal government to suspend the passport and national identity card of the accused.

A four-page order of the special court released on Friday said, “In case the accused fails to submit his written request as mentioned hereinabove the ministry of interior and all other departments, divisions and agencies of the government of Pakistan are to take positive steps in ensuring the arrest of the accused and attachment of his properties abroad, including suspension of the CNIC and passport of the accused.”

The court had earlier directed the Interior Ministry to approach Interpol for the arrest of the former president.

APML demands security for Musharraf:

All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) President Dr Muhammad Amjad said that Chairman General (r) Pervez Musharraf would soon return to the country but his security should be ensured.

Addressing a press conference on Monday, he said that Musharraf must not be restrained from moving around in the country and there must be no restrictions on his freedom of speech as well.

He said that the APML in its scheduled meeting on March 21 in Dubai would decide about the date of Musharraf’s return to the country and the city where he would land.

Dr Muhammad Amjad said that no one had a role in his ‘escape’ from the country and no one would have a role in his return. General Musharraf would be in Pakistan before the caretaker set-up to lead the Pakistan Awami Ittehad (PAI) political alliance and APML party workers and leadership would welcome him back in the country with full enthusiasm, he added.

Dr Muhammad Amjad said that during the tenure of General Musharraf, this country prospered and the country’s economy grew. The government formed after his tenure just committed loot and plunder in this country and purchased expensive properties outside the country whereas Musharraf had never been blamed for any corruption, he added.

He also said that during Musharraf’s time, Pakistan’s debt was $36 billion whereas the two successive governments increased the country’s debt to $80 billion. Pakistan at the moment needed a leader like Musharraf who had the ability to pull the country out of crisis, he added.

He further said that previously Musharraf had been appearing before the courts and he would do it once again but the government should provide him with fool proof security. Musharraf would decide to return to the country after March 21 and before that a meeting of PAI would be held on March 20, he added.

Dr Muhammad Amjad appreciated the election of Senate chairman from Balochistan and said that it would decrease the sense of deprivation in the province.



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