CTP finalises traffic arrangements for full dress parade rehearsal

ISLAMABAD: Personnel of Armed Forces march-past during full dress rehearsal of Pakistan Day parade. INP PHOTO


RAWALPINDI: City Traffic Police (CTP) Rawalpindi has finalised all the arrangements under a comprehensive traffic plan for full-dress rehearsal on Monday in connection with the Pakistan Day parade

According to Rawalpindi Chief Traffic Officer (CTO) Yousaf Ali Shahid, traffic from Faizabad to Rawalpindi and Islamabad would remain closed during the rehearsal.

He said that all the traffic on Murree Road headed towards Islamabad would be directed to use diversion point of Double Road Chowk and 9th Avenue, whereas traffic coming from Koral Chowk would use Khanna Pull service road to enter Islamabad, after passing through Shamsabad via Double Road and 9th Avenue.

Heavy vehicles, including buses, trucks and trailers, would not be allowed to enter the city, he added.

Public transport vehicles coming from Murree, he said, would not be allowed to move towards the capital city from Lower Topa, Double Motorway Turn, Dana Mor, and Satra Mill toll plaza.