Bollywood director to cast Vidya Balan in film on Sridevi


MUMBAI: Bollywood director Hansal Mehta says will always regret not approaching late Bollywood actress Sridevi for a film he had in mind. But the filmmaker is determined to make a movie about her and might approach actress Vidya Balan for the project.

The news of Sridevi’s sudden demise last month left everyone shocked. Mehta took to Twitter to share his grief saying: “There will never be another Sridevi. I was about to approach her for a film. That film will now be dedicated to her. If it finds an actor.”

When probed more about the project, Mehta said: “I will always regret that I didn’t approach her and could not make a movie with her. But I will make a film on her.”

Mehta, whose last venture was Kangana Ranaut’s Simran, got a little introspective as he talked about the project, divulging that the film may be based on a book. But he refused to give out any more information.

“It will be made,” he assured, adding: “There are actors [who I have in my mind]. I might approach Vidya Balan.”

At the moment, Mehta is looking forward to Omerta, his next project with actor Rajkummar Rao. The film is based on the life of British-Pakistani terrorist Omar Saeed Shaikh.

The film is shot in real locations across London and Indi while recreating Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Mehta said: “We make the films because we want to challenge ourselves. We choose stories which are challenging… That is the joy of making the film.”

“My intention is not to disturb people… my intention is to provoke a thought. My intention is to let you have your own emotions and questions after watching the film.

“This film has a variety of meanings for different people. For some, it is a thriller, for some it can be very cool. At a festival, women were swooning over Raj. They loved his evil act. They thought it was cool.

“In Toronto, there were angry people, people were numb, people who were very upset. All these reactions are a result of the film depicting a certain truth,” Mehta said.

Omerta is scheduled to release on April 20.