Victim’s plea ‘incomplete’, terms FIA in harassment case against KU professor


KARACHI: Observing the allegations of harassment against a professor of the University of Karachi (KU), the Cybercrime Wing of Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) termed the victim girl’s plea incomplete and reasoned that it lacked evidence.

According to media reports on Saturday, FIA said that the victim girl neither attached any evidence not came in to record her statement.

KU Vice Chancellor Ajmal Khan also told that the varsity could not fire the professor until he was proven guilty of the accusations.

Protests erupted on campus during Friday when a student accused KU professor of harassment, and claimed that he had offered to pass her with flying colours if she agreed to marry him.

Her friend corroborated the accusation and stated that the professor had failed him and three others for being friends with the student he was interested in. “He failed us because he didn’t want us to be friends with her,” he alleged.

On Thursday, another female student stated that the same professor demanded that she meet him alone.

In late January 2018, a KU inquiry committee had confirmed that a senior visiting faculty member Prof Sahar Ansari was guilty of sexual harassment.