Theresa May exploding over a ‘maybe’?

  • America should take the responsibility for this new arms race 

To add to the growing global influence of Russia, Putin has recently unveiled a new generation of missile technology which has rendered the scope American Missile Defense Shield useless. During the heightened tensions over America’s plan to surround Russia with Missile Defense Shield (MDS), Putin gave a forewarning that Russian weapons could outsmart this threat. Though Obama administration claimed that MDS was meant as a deterrent against Iran, such was not accepted, understandably so, by Putin’s Russia. NATO has also been beefing up its presence in eastern Europe for the last few years which is perceived as a threat by Russia. But American deployment of MDS along with NATO’s plans in eastern Europe got a major setback when Russia moved decisively into Crimea in early 2014. Russian control of Crimea meant that American strangulation of Russia was not going to leave it isolated as it had secured its strategically important naval base in the Black Sea amidst the growing menacing posture from NATO-backed Ukraine and had also shown a willingness to practically counter the pressure from the western world.

Now, Russia has further dented American and European hegemony by announcing and testing new smart weapon systems. NATO’s aggressive posture against Russia was preceded by a systematic approach. In December 2001 America unilaterally withdrew from its “Anti-Ballistic Missiles Treaty” that it had signed with USSR in 1972 and which it carried forward with Russia later. This then paved the way for American’s MDS in eastern Europe. Therefore, America, more than anybody else, should take the responsibility for this new era arms race. Russia’s political, military and economic presence, coupled with its strong and natural strategic bond with China, is sure to cause headaches in Washington. After withdrawing from Anti-Ballistic Missiles Treaty hoping for a weaker Russia, America has achieved exactly the opposite of what it would have liked. America could not achieve deterrence against Russia by hindering its nuclear strike capability, it has lost the puppet master status in a Crimea under Ukraine, and it has been hit back by an even more resolute Russia.

America claimed that it never meant the MDS to paralyse Russian strike capability which, if realised, could give America a complete hegemony over Russia

If the US narrative under Obama administration was to be believed, America should celebrate Russian weapon innovation and should embrace it happily. Since Obama claimed that MDS was meant to save Europe from Iran, then that may still work very well and America should come clean and announce that it is happy at the balance of power with Russia being stabilised as “Mutual Assured Destruction”(MAD) doctrine has again become relevant even if MDS keeps going as planned. This should be a win-win situation for all. America claimed that it never meant the MDS to paralyse Russian strike capability which, if realised, could give America a complete hegemony over Russia. Since what America never wanted never happened as Russia never got paralysed and retains its strike capability in the face of MDS with its new weapon systems, so America should call it a mutual success. Russians, Americans should say, were wrong in assuming themselves as the target of MDS and if America welcomes the balance of power being restored with Russia, it would validate its previous stance regarding the utility of America’s Missile Defense Shield. Telling too many lies sometimes even leaves a nation lose the count of them and that is where CNN and BBC must plug the hole, and that is where Salisbury poisoning incident fits well to demonise Russia so that the falsehood may be perceived as truth.

I mentioned in my article titled “Petro-Yuan”, published on 24 February, that it was high-time that America planted a false flag to keep the prospect of Petro-Yuan in check; a prospect that haunts the debt stricken western world with a competition over the global oil resources, and, hence, a prospect that will hurt western world’s filthy debt-economy which has essentially deregulated global economy to make way for uncontrolled dollar printing. To accomplish an Oscar worthy anti-Russia narrative, America could not have found a more willing accomplice than MI5. What better partner than an ever willing UK that was at the forefront of Iraq’s invasion: a war adventure on the pretext of sure-short “weapons of mass destruction”. Britain, with its own humungous debt, and, hence, having a parasitic economy, has to follow America’s lead in getting its people psyched over Putin before Russia and China’s military and economic power became too big a threat to the western world and its economy.

Since the need was there for a blame game and media’s avalanche of lies against Russia, some major false flag was only due, and that is why Salisbury poisoning incident might have been hatched by someone other than Russia. Anti-Russia stance is so important for Britain that Theresa May founded all her bombast against Russia on a “maybe” and that is a new low from Britain’s “sure-short” WMD narrative against Iraq propagated by, perhaps, the MI5’s penetration in the British media (a euphemism for MI5’s ownership of British media). Having said that, it must be made clear that it is too far-fetched and too early to blame MI5 over the Salisbury poisoning incident, yet, it is not half as early as May has been in blaming Russia for the same.

Since the world has yet to see the proof of culpability of either Russia or MI5, or for that matter any other entity, therefore, some sense must prevail before anyone is allowed to put rhetoric before the reality. Leader of opposition in British House of Commons, Jeremy Corbyn, did try achieving just that when he questioned the UK government’s response over Russian request to hand over the sample of poison used in Salisbury incident. At this, Theresa May had no better answer than to advise Corbyn to hold Russia culpable without going much into the evidence.

NATO member countries have gone so impatient that their blame-Russia campaign is relying more and more on media, fiction and a narcissistic claim to “all truth” blended uniquely with the arrogance to detest and snub any voice asking for a rational proof augmenting their notion of “reality”. NATO countries are joining hands to curb Russia and its economy by any means possible before Russia becomes too big a force to bow down to them, though presumably so Russia has already reached such a status, and those who don’t want to accept this might end up finding it out in a rude awakening sometime soon.


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