PSM workers protest at National Highway over non-payment of salaries


KARACHI: The Pakistan Steel Mills (PSM) employees on Saturday protested against the non-payment of their salaries by blocking the National Highway in Karachi.

Putting all vehicular movement at a halt for several hours, hundreds of PSM workers gathered at the highway and chanted slogans against the long delay in payment in salaries.

The protesters dispersed after successful negotiations with police and local authorities as they were promised of salaries’ payment.

The traffic was later opened to end the misery of the stranded public.

According to recent media reports, PSM workers have staged multiple protests in the provincial capital over the issue. The employees of the state-owned corporation also complain other management-related issues.

It is worth noting that the opposition parties including PTI and PPP have opposed the privatisation of the PSM.

In December, the National Accountability Bureau announced to conduct a comprehensive inquiry to fix the responsibilities on officials involved in squandering billions of rupees of the PSM, eventually leading to the destruction of Pakistan’s largest iron manufacturing facility.

The inquiry had been assigned to pinpoint the officials responsible for bringing the PSM to its knees and also to investigate the reasons behind the sitting government’s apathy in this regard.