Peace in Afghanistan shared objective of Pakistan, US: Aizaz Chaudhry


WASHINGTON: Pakistan’s ambassador to the United States Aizaz Ahmed Chaudhry while speaking at an event of the Women’s Foreign Policy Group held at Pakistan Embassy in Washington DC, stated that Pakistan wants to see a stable and peaceful Afghanistan and that it is a shared objective of both Pakistan and the United States (US).

The ambassador stressed the importance of maintaining good relations between the two countries, despite a difference in the approach for stability in Afghanistan.

He also highlighted Pakistan’s successes and achievements, both at the domestic level and in the foreign policy domain during a time of rapid global change.

Earlier on March 10, while talking to a delegation of US journalists, Chaudhry had said Pakistan that will not let anyone use Pakistan’s soil to launch attacks against any other country and added that Pakistan has sacrificed a lot in the fight against terrorism, and will not allow utilisation of its land to attack anyone.

He further said that the economic statistics and security situation of the country have improved considerably due to the operation against terrorism.

Chaudhry reiterated that the country’s wrong perception needs to be cast-off, and it should be viewed in a new light adding that the operation against terrorists has cleansed terror-ridden areas while developmental works are underway too.


  1. “Tyrants govern those who do not like to be governed by God ” said a Quacker named William Penn.
    Peace reigns where people obey the Lord. Those who obey the Lord can be identified by their habit and practice of Udl wul Ehsaan. The deeds of such people are always heart warming and heart winning thus they make friends easily.
    How many of such people can we hope to come across today? Not many. Why ? Majority of people show by their deeds to be in obedience of Satan. One would need to talk to such people for just five minutes. They will tell you that they are “Holier than thou”. In other words will show their arrogance through their words and deeds.
    Behind all the conflicts whether between nations, people or within the homes are “Arrogance and Avarice”. Both make people unjust. Injustice breeds conflict.

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