Farooq Sattar invites factions of MQM-P to celebrate Foundation Day together


KARACHI: Muttahida Qaumi Movement- Pakistan (MQM-P) PIB Colony faction Farooq Sattar on Saturday has invited MQM’s Bahadurabad wing to observe the Foundation Day together. In a statement, Farooq Sattar has expressed hopes the party get reunited before March 26.

Meanwhile, MQM Bahadurabad chief Khalid Maqbool said that the artificially formed organisations cannot keep the nation away from MQM.

While announcing to celebrate Foundation Day on March 18, Khalid Maqbool asked questioned Farooq Sattar on the possibility of both the wings observing the day together.

Earlier last week, Farooq Sattar expressed similar hopes for an early resolution of issues between party factions based in Bahadurabad and PIB Colony.

“We will once again sit together and resolve basic organisational issues, and will form more established MQM-P ahead of 2018 polls,” he stated.

The senior MQM-P member maintained that it was more about the powers to control party issues than his ego, adding that leaders should respect the difference of opinion. “There should be a difference between an empowered and powerless head of the party,” he added.