One dead in shoe factory fire near Lahore


LAHORE: At least one person was killed on Friday when fire erupted in a shoe factory situated in the Rampura area of Batapur.

According to reports, a factory near Lahore went ablaze in the early hours of Friday during the workers’ shift. Apart from one dead, five persons were injured in the fire. All the casualties were caused to the workers, the rescue officials said.

Rescue teams arrived at the spot and shifted the body and injured to the nearby hospital. Five vehicles of the fire brigade helped extinguish the fire.

A fire brigade team helps extinguish the blaze

Cause of the fire is still unknown, a rescue worker told.

In February, ten people were injured when fire broke out during refilling at a gas plant at the Sheikhupura’s Lahore Road. Fire engulfed the plant as well as two nearby paper mills.

Firefighters were able to extinguish fire engulfing the mills early while the fire at the plant was doused around two hours later. The wounded were shifted to DHQ Hospital, which discharged nine patients after basic medical aid. One patient was shifted to a Lahore hospital