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A choreographer once said that I was a ‘zero’ dancer: Katrina Kaif

MUMBAI: As Rani Mukerji enthusiastically promotes her upcoming film, Hichki, about a teacher learning to overcome Tourette Syndrome, she has been conversing with popular Bollywood actors and asking them to share stories about their own insecurities and struggles.

After speaking to Shah Rukh Khan recently, she has now interviewed his Zero co-star, Katrina Kaif.

Over the year, Katrina has developed a formidable reputation as a solid dancer and has done several item songs as well. However, the actor revealed that dancing was the biggest hurdle she had to face in the beginning of her career.

“For me, my biggest hichki in the beginning of my career was dancing. While shooting for a Telugu film with superstar Venkatesh, Raju Sundaram was choreographing me. He looked quite irritated with my dancing but didn’t say anything. Later, while working on Wanted, I overheard him telling Salman Khan on set that as a dancer, Katrina Kaif is zero! I was shocked,” she said.

Earlier, Shah Rukh Khan said that the lowest point in his life was the death of his parents.

“My greatest ‘hichki moment’ was the death of my parents. I was 15 when my father passed away and 26 when my mother passed away. It was very sad for us. The empty house without my parents used to come to bite us (my sister and I). The loneliness, pain and sadness of the loss of both my parents, could have been overwhelming enough to take over my life wholly. I decided to overcome this by letting acting fill up my entire life,” Shah Rukh remarked.

The actor added, “My parents went away suddenly. They passed away within two and a half months after we discovered that they have cancer. I didn’t know what to do. I just felt one night, while at their graves that I should fill this void with something. I got a fortunate break in films. For me, acting is not work, but a place to vent out my feelings.”

Hichki is Rani’s comeback film after 2014’s Mardaani. The film is expected to release on March 23.

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